"Love is the absence of judgement" His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama

The basic principle of Tibetan Medicine is elementary theory. Both macrocosm (universe) and microcosm (plant, human body, ect.) are composed of the 5 elements. These are in the Traditional Tibetan Medicine (TTM) fire, water, earth, air and the universal space. 


In my treatment I will diagnose the conditional elements as well as the present prevailing element, by illness or external influences. It is therefore necessary to guide the elements back into the balance. This may be accomplished by nutritional advice, phytotherapy, manual-therapy for example special Tibetan acupressure massage, moxatherapy and cupping as well as through the lucidity of life habits and psychosomatic aspects.


The Traditional Tibetan Medicine accompanies you to find the middle path. I see it as my task to provide you with this wonderful and precious art of therapy and to accompany you on your way.


Therapy spectrum

- diagnosis by Tibetan pulse and urine diagnosis 


- Tibetan Nye-pa analysis (Loong, Tripa, Baekan) 


- holistic Tibetan nutritional advice


- Individual therapy art:

- Tibetan Moxatherapy and Cupping

- Ku-nye Massage (gentle Tibetan heat therapy)

- Hor-me Massage (Tibetan acupressure massage)


- palliative care


- house visits in case of need


Katharina Ortner

Alternative medical practitioner


Dates by appointment


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Practice Munich; Germany

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